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PDR Americas

PDR Americas was formed in 1994 to provide a local North American Technical Sales and Support service for existing and prospective customers of our PDR IR Rework products. Throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico, we provide a Gold Standard Sales and Technical Support service from our PDR offices in Shingle Springs, California, supported by a world class network of highly professional sales/support representatives.

PDR products are designed/manufactured in the UK and today, these are further enhanced with US manufactured assemblies, here at PDR Americas, to produce ‘US Spec’ systems to meet the specific North American needs.

PDR - PXI in North America. In February 2018, PDR joined forces with Pacific X-ray Imaging (PXI) in a cooperative sales, marketing and distribution agreement that ultimately provides customers with advanced capability rework, test and X-ray inspection products. PXI is a worldwide supplier of X-ray systems and applications services to the electronics manufacturing industry and specialized applications of imaging technology and software analysis.

With a combined experience of more than 50 years in the rework, X-ray inspection and testing of electro-mechanical systems (PCBs/PWBs), the PXI and PDR family of products provides quality tools, extensive knowledge and terrific partnering opportunities/customer service with all of its customers.


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