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IR-E3Vi Gold - The Complete Package

PDR IR-E3Vi Gold

PDR's Focused IR technology, first introduced by the company in 1986, exposes a component and PCB to similar thermal conditions to those experienced in an in-line SMT reflow oven. As a result, the solder joints produced are of an identical quality to those produced in the mainstream assembly process. Common soldering problems associated with oxidation or stray solder ball migration, are also eliminated, and in practice any component that can safely pass through an IR oven can be reworked using Focused IR.

Focused IR is a non-contact, tool-free and hands-free technique that subjects both the topside and underside of a board to remote IR radiation heating. Below the PCB, medium wave IR is used to preheat the board and reduce the amount of energy and time required for top-side heating. Above the PCB, short wave IR energy is collimated and focused through a lens system to allow precise heating control over the specific component area to be heated.

Therefore Focused IR is a safe, simple and gentle heating method that offers precision process control. This allows rework technicians to focus their attentions on effectively reworking any BGA/SMT device without having to cope with the complexities, frustrations and costs normally associated with traditional 'high end' rework systems.

The IR-E3Vi Gold from PDR is an extremely powerful and cost effective SMT/BGA rework tool that has been designed to meet all the needs of its users. It is a professional high end system aimed at reworking small to medium size PCBs with an extremely high degree of accuracy and producing 100% yields.

Offering high levels of process control, the IR-E3Vi Gold is able to readily accommodate the demands of both new and existing SMT component packages such as BGAs, µBGAs, CSPs, QFPs, PLCCs, SOICs, standard SMDs and SMT sockets and connectors.

Central to the performance of the semi-automatic PDR IR-E3Vi Gold is PDR’s unique Focused IR technology which allows operators to both quickly and safely, solder and de-solder all types of SMT packages without risk of overheating a given component, adjacent devices or board substrate.

The PDR IR-E3Vi Gold comes complete with a range of standard features that ensures it is able to immediately deal with the vast majority of SMT rework demands. These include –

  • 150W top-side heating Focused IR lens system that is able to project a heating image of up to 70mm in diameter
  • Choice of 2 lens attachments – F700, F400, F200, F150
  • 2800w 3 zone switch back heater, which ensures perfect pre heating every time even on smaller boards
  • Closed loop PCB and component temperature control; PC Control Package including PDR’s bespoke 'ThermoActive' software suite with simple profile setting and automatic heating  
  • CM type precision sensors for both component and PCB complete with readout facilities
  • CCTV/prism based BGA/uBGA alignment system
  • Auxiliary Process Observation Camera
  • Advanced, professional vacuum placement system, with precise ‘Pick & Place’ action, Y/Z axis movement and rotation; soft component landing and Z-axis stop for placement in paste  
  • Component nest for precision component pick & flux application
  • A precision, professional X/Y table with micrometre adjustments, accommodating PCBs up to 300mm x 450m in size

PDR IR-E3Vi Gold package comes with a comprehensive range of additional features that deal with more complex rework requirements, and specialised packages. Such as, a fast reacting Conductive Back Heater (to rework metal backed PCBs),and responsive PCB Forced Air Cooling.

With over 4000 installations worldwide, PDR systems are used by many of the world’s leading OEMs and CEMs. As developed by PDR, Focused IR technology simplifies the soldering/de-soldering process, and the passive nature of infra-red heat makes it much less likely to damage components or substrates. Additionally, nozzles and tips, which are an expensive part of other systems, are not needed.


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