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PDR Releases Re-Ball Mode Software as Part of ThermoActive Software Suite

ThermoActive Software

PDR, a leader in IR rework and test, today announced the release of Re-Ball Mode Software now available as part of its ThermoActive Suite Software Package. This latest feature allows the operator to select the software configuration, temperature management and profile management necessary for the successful completion of BGA re-balling operations when using PDR Systems.

Dave White, CEO of PDR Rework, states: “Since 1985 PDR’s mission has been to engineer rework systems that offer the flexibility required to successfully meet the challenges faced by rework teams. This includes cutting-edge technologies as well as legacy electronic repair and everything in between. As the recent supply chain for component sourcing and subsequent delivery times have increased dramatically, many firms are faced with re-balling operations to alleviate time-to-market shortfalls, production shortages, as well as order fulfillment rates for their customers, therefore necessitating the need to re-ball ICs. PDR’s latest software feature provides the software technology needed for successful re-ball operations by incorporating our Dynamic Auto-Profile Software and Thermal Management Systems into this process to simplify the process into a highly repeatable operation.”

PDR’s ThermoActive Suite Plus ‘dynamic profile software’ signals a new era in rework process control. PDR’s advanced state-of-the-art smart algorithms and high-speed processing capability ensures the most exacting rework process control in the industry.

The latest version of ThermoActive Suite Plus does not require a ‘Teach/Learn Mode,’ meaning it is capable of self-adjusting thermal output to reach safe reflow temperatures automatically. As a result, users see a reduction in time and effort required for precision process/profile development. Additionally, in Auto Profile Mode, the software dynamically responds by increasing or decreasing top heat relative to the environment, ramp rate, and temperature limits.

Easy to master and intuitive by design, the ThermoActive Suite Plus offers simplicity while providing powerful behind-the-scenes control to achieve maximum rework productivity. With just six PDR supplied general profiles, PDR’s dynamic software automatically adjusts the wattage required to achieve high yield small board, medium board, and large board rework.

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