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PDR Releases Barcode Scanning Software Integration

ThermoActive Software

PDR, a leader in IR rework and test, today announced the release of Barcode Scanning Software integration, the latest software innovation to complement its award-winning ThermoActive Suite Software. 3D code scanning is fully integrated into PDR’s ThermoActive Suite Software to enable high-volume rework clients with a time-saving feature to automatically call up the correct profile each time a code is introduced.

Integrated into PDR’s Process Setup Instruction (PSI) module, barcodes are able to be scanned via computer monitors, traveler bags, individual smart sheets, or directly from the PSI interface. This flexible system will allow customer databases to be employed per each customer’s workflow requirement or as a standalone system. Multiple bar code formats are integrated into the software.

PDR’s ThermoActive Suite Plus ‘dynamic profile software’ signals a new era in rework process control. Advanced ‘state-of-the-art’ smart algorithms and high-speed processing capability ensures the most exacting rework process control in the industry.

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