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ThermoActive Software Release

PDR ThermoActive Software

PDR has developed a rework control package that reduces set-up and changeover times effectively to zero and makes precision rework as simple as pushing a button.

Software Points
• 'One Touch' Automatic Process functionality
• Press and Go features
• Events - 'click and create'
• PSI - advanced process setup guidance
• Auto Report - CSV/PDF automatically created and stored
• Automatic Heating/Cooling/Vacuum controls
• Simple to set up and use

'One Touch' Software
• 'One Profile' capability
• Automatic Thermal Control
• Automatic real-time adjustment of settings to switch from small to large applications
• 'Teach mode' is made redundant.
• Reduce process engineering to minimal input
• Just 'press and Play'....'Press and Go'
The  software is  designed  to be  as easy  to use  as possible  and  is rooted  in the company's  philosophy   of  providing  inline  process  quality  for  the  offline  rework process.   It allows BGAs  and other complex  devices  to be removed  and reworked with  the user-simplicity  associated  with  hand  tools,  but  the  process  control  and capability of high-end, fully capable rework stations.

A key benefit of the latest ThermoActive+ Software release is its ability to provide accurate real-time feedback of board and device temperatures from the rework station, these modes allow the process to run fully automatically without the aid of a skilled technician as well a provides for true in-process control over the rework process.

The software package is designed for use with PDR’s Next Generation Rework Systems that are, tool and nozzle free, gas-free systems based on the company's patented Focused IR technology. In essence, the software controls the process while rework platform provides efficient lower and upper side heating plus the vital temperature feedback data.

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