Focused IR BGA Rework Stations

PDR manufactures some of the finest SMD BGA Rework stations available worldwide. Our IR rework stations have become the benchmark for soldering and desoldering quality, loaded with the features required for modern SMT BGA rework and these days, our customers achieve ultra-high production line yields, in a simple rework process.

Our BGA Rework Stations, using PDR’s Focused IR technology and made in the UK, are precision engineered using only the finest components for optimum performance. Loaded with advanced features, PDR IR Rework Stations are some of the best available.  Our systems exclusively use IR heating, top and bottom, reworking SMDs BGAs QFNs CSPs and LEDs on very difficult PCB applications, from micro to extra-large.

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How does a BGA Rework Station work?

When faults occur with BGA packages, it can be a challenge to de-solder/solder these components. A specially designed system is needed, known as a BGA Rework Station. How does the BGA Rework Station work?

The basic principle of operation of the BGA rework station is that whilst being heated from above and below, a single SMD / BGA is subjected to a similar temperature/time profile during rework, as it experiences during reflow in the original production process.

In a BGA rework operation, the BGA component is put through a full ‘reflow’ procedure. The rework station normally uses a software-controlled multi-stage reflow process where all parameters such as temperature levels and ramp rates are precisely controllable, as recommended by board and component manufacturers.