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PDR Americas Support

At PDR Americas, we provide various kinds of technical and sales support to existing and prospective customers of our products including,
•  Data and product information
•  Installation and calibration support
•  SMT Rework Process support
•  Maintenance and warrantee support
•  Upgrades and software update support

PDR has factories based in the USA and the United Kingdom, with further regional offices in France and India.  To support our customers, we provide a Gold Standard Sales and Technical Support service from our PDR offices plus a global network of professional sales/support partners.

We strive to continue support for a long time after any warranty periods elapse and offer upgrades to existing PDR systems, helping to extend their useful lifespans as frontline equipment, beyond 5 and 10 years.

For Technical Support, please email PDR Support at We will then process your request directly or by connecting you with your most local PDR contact.

To book an online demo click the link below (Americas Only).

Schedule An Online Demo

For Upgrades and Spare Parts, please go to PDR Spares where we will process your request directly. 

Assembly Outfitters

Brochures and Datasheets

PDR IR Rework Product Range 2017
PDR IR Rework Product Range 2017
PDR IR-E6 Evolution XL
PDR IR-E6 Evolution XL Brochure
PDR IR-E3 Evolution
PDR IR-E3 Evolution Brochure
PDR IR-D3 Discovery
PDR IR-D3 Discovery Brochure
IR-C3 Chipmate
PDR IR-C3 Chipmate Brochure


PDR Next Gen Rework Software V.7
IR-E6 Rework System
Capabilities of the IR-E3
0201 Removal
Principles of PDR Rework
Rework/Reflow with the IR-D3
BGA Vision Alignment
IR-E3 Series Introduction
IR-C3 Chipmate
Top SMT/BGA Alignment Tip
SMT/BGA Alignment Tips
Introducing PDR SMT/BGA Rework
Overview of PDR SMT/BGA Focused IR
C Series Type 9 Controller
PDR Feature Focus 2014

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