PDR IR Rework Systems | SMT BGA Rework

PDR IR Rework systems, safe, effective BGA rework plus a whole variety of applications from microSMD up to array package BGA rework without the need for rework nozzles.

Click on above images to see the E6 and E3 products

Today's array package/BGA rework applications demand all of the advanced features available on our systems including:

• IR Component and PCB Heating  • Automatic/Dynamic Profiling Software  • Real-time non-contact temperature sensing and control 
• Precision Pick/Alignment and Placement  • Flux/Solder Paste application  • Process Observation Camera  • Integrated PCB Cooling

PDR, a Robert Hans Group company, manufactures some of the finest IR Rework systems and stations available worldwide.  Our systems are open architecture with a clean design, hand-made using precision engineering techniques throughout. The systems are long lasting with an excellent upgrade path well into the future.

Key benefits of PDR systems:  • no nozzles   • easy to set up and use   • simple auto-profiling software control   • excellent thermal process control with highest yield and repeatability   • high quality precisely engineered handmade systems   • excellent technical support