PDR - IR Rework Systems for SMT / BGAs / CSPs / QFNs / LEDs / 0201s

PDR, part of The Robert Hans Group,  manufactures a range of the finest SMT, BGA, CSP, QFN, 0201, LED IR Rework systems and stations worldwide.  Easy to set up and use, our BGA rework stations deliver the highest performance and soldering yield as demanded by our customers globally.

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Since 1987, more than 4000 systems, PDR IR rework has become the benchmark for soldering and desoldering quality in modern SMT and BGA rework applications and these days our customers achieve production line yields of over 98%, in a simple, precise rework process.

PDR SMT/BGA rework systems, using PDR’s patented Focused IR technology and loaded with features are tool free, gas free, instantly/precisely controllable, clean, modular, upgradeable and produce high yield BGA rework without any complications.

PDR is a pioneer in IR Rework technology and global leader in soldering quality. Our products are specified by many of the world's top names in electronics manufacturing for SMT/BGA rework. Companies in defence, aerospace, avionics, telecoms, automotive and computers every day take advantage of a rework technology that is safer, easier to use and more versatile than, dark IR or hot gas systems.


Technical Institutes - testing and displaying PDR systems

For a number of years now, PDR Rework have supplied a number of demonstration systems to various institutes worldwide. Our current system in situ at all these sites is the PDR IR-E3Vi .  All these institutions teach best practice in the latest electronic production techniques.  For further information, please follow the links provided.