BGA Rework Stations and SMD Rework Stations by PDR

At PDR we manufacture rework and test equipment for the electronics assembly industry. Based in the UK we also have regional technology centers in the USA, France and India.

Rework Products - british made using only the finest components for optimum precision, our BGA Rework Stations are some of the best available worldwide. Loaded with advanced features, PDR SMD Rework Stations deliver many benefits including the highest performance and soldering quality available anywhere. Also, to support our customers, we provide a Gold Standard Sales and Technical Support service from our PDR regional offices plus a global network of professional sales/support partners and since 1987 we have successfully supplied over 4000 systems to many of the world's top names in,

• Aerospace, Weapons, Avionics, Automotive, Transport, Medical electronics
• Control and systems repair, R&D, PCBA rework

• Mobile Phone, PDA, Laptop, Desktop, Server, Consumer electronics
• BGA, SMD, QFN, LED Rework

PDR’s advanced BGA Rework stations, all using our patented Focused IR heating technology, have been specifically designed to satisfy the exacting requirements for successful BGA/SMD rework and these days we deliver to our customers production line yields of 98%+ in an offline rework process.

PDR Regional Offices – our global customers and sales/service partners are supported by our four regional offices in UK, USA, France and India. 
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PDR IR-E6 Evolution XL

Ultimate Performance, BGA Rework Station for small-large PCBs upto 24"/620mm

The PDR IR-E6 is a 'high-end' SMD/BGA Rework Station, with Focused IR heating technology, designed to rework small to large PCB assemblies with upto a 24"/620mm PCB capacity.

PDR IR-E3 Evolution

Ultimate Performance, BGA Rework System for Small-Medium PCBs upto 18"/450mm

The PDR IR-E3 is a 'high-end' SMD/BGA Rework Station, loaded with features, with Focused IR heating technology, designed to rework small to medium PCB assemblies with upto a 18"/450mm PCB capacity.

Professional SMD Rework Station for PCBs upto 12"/300mm

The IR-D3 Discovery SMD rework station is tool free, gas free, instantly/precisely controllable, clean, modular, upgradeable and produces 100% yield SMD rework without any complications.

PDR IR-C3 Chipmate

Entry-Level SMD/BGA Rework Station

The PDR IR-C3 Chipmate entry level SMD/BGA rework system is specifically designed to be lower cost but still cope with the challenges of repairing today's small, medium sized PCB assemblies.